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* The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

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After his total embarrassment as a manager in the EPL, Brenda, the unctuous tranny, was still delusional - thinking he/she was still the great manager, failing to understand why no one came calling.

His/her only reason for taking the big step down to manage Paedo FC was to use the scum as a springboard to get back to the epl to where he/she thought he/she belonged.

Brenda convinced him/her self that last years worst away defeat in the history of the paedos in Europe against Barco was ok because the humiliation had happened when he/she had just taken over the team.

Tonight, a  year later, after the worst home euro defeat in the history of the club, and everything he/she had worked for - a way out of the paedodome, is a fucking shambles!

Make no mistake about it, the tranny, along with the delusional paedo support are totally fucking shattered this night.



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Their wee left back was made to look tonight exactly what he is...overhyped shit! He was awful, which he always is in games against a half decent team.The media can hype him and dembele all they want, but no serious team is going to offer any money for them. These fuckers are there for the taking this season!

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7 hours ago, cushynumber said:

Why does everyone associated with cellic think anderlecht are a pushover?

Quite simple really, cushy.....Prepare yourself for some timmy logic lessons.  Bayern Munich got humped against Hoffenheim who haven't won anything since Noah was learning carpentry to build a boat, and who change managers quicker than Crystal Palace; so the scum have came to the conclusion that Bayern Munich are on the slippery slide and will be easy pickings for their "Invincibles"...So by their assumption where Bayern hump Anderlecht 3-0, it stands to reason that the Anderlechters may as well not bother turning up and just  take a 3-0 forfeit instead of being beaten 10-0 by Broonaldoes marauders. 

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8 hours ago, chris182 said:

Nae sure why PSG would allow a loan player to play against them? Strange

Apparently they are allowed by UEFA rules to do it, but not in domestic games.....or something like that.

*** Did that Roberts not play against Man. City last year?

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12 minutes ago, Rfc52 said:

I think this has proved what I've been saying. That's not a good tarrier team. I hate to "praise"them if you will but MONs team wouldn't have been scudded like that. At home.that cunt had them beating the best sides in europe. 


I also believe even Lennon's team from 2010/11/12 were better than this one. They have one or two players who'd make that team but for me they're nowhere near they tarrier teams.

Our 3iar side would.also wipe the floor with them.

They might have gone unbeaten domestically but they're not even the best tarrier side in the last 10/year never mind anything else 

They are defo there for the taking this season

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4 hours ago, theblueoysterbar said:

Just a pity no bears were driving past at the time and smashed them up to fuck .  I wonder if paddy power would see our sense of humour if those to cunts were rushed to the Queen Elizabeth hospital.


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