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* The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

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Just now, Brackley Bluenose said:

Frankly mate this is huge for us so you’re talking shite. They’re fucked without champions league money. It’ll be the start of them crumbling. 

heard a radio discussion yesterday about the wage bill at Septic and how that's been building under Brendan - they need the money

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2 minutes ago, GetToTheChoppa said:

Cant believe the amount of people caring about this. 


Aside from the significant impact it's likely to have on the financial gulf between us - I'm not too proud or noble to say I enjoy seeing our biggest rivals get embarrassed on a European level. 

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Just now, PromDeAnglais said:

Aye. Our biggest rivals losing their biggest single source of financial income. You're right. We shouldn't care.


Just now, Inigo said:

Caring about our rivals getting or not getting £30 million.

Aye, whoda thunk it.

And their season continuing to collapse around their ears, their fans losing the plot, their confidence disappearing and their manager getting closer to the exit door. But yeah, who cares :belm:

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