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* The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

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This resting players shit is bonkers.

After Andy Murray played a few hours to win Wimbledon, he was back out playing some doubles match an hour later. After having played in the semi final for a few hours two days before.

That Norwegian chap failed to get his players told that they are professional athletes, and failed to tell them to get the fuck on with it.

It's great to watch tho.

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Will be hilarious if they get Legia in the Europa, will be battered on and off the field again.

You had better believe it,mate! :5536: If they get paired in the Europa I'm going to Warsaw for it and stand in the Zyleta giving them cunts pelters :pipe:

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Who determins what is and isn't full strength? Commons scored 30 odd goals last year and was the Country's Player of the Year, Grifffiths scored about 50 goals in the last two years with Wolves and Hibs, Ambrose was at the World Cup, Pukki was last years "blue chipper" only signed after they qualified for the Champions League - were they not shouting about the Israelie boy being "the new gerrard" :lol:

Their manager himself said it so it'd be difficult to argue that it was a full strength team.

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How the fuck does he work that one out? Maybe if there were 6, 7, or 8 Scotland players playing for Sellick, it would appear to be a bad night for Scotland. He's just trying to curry favour with the dhims. If Scotland were to play the Republic of Ireland, what team would the dim tims be cheering for???

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