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* The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

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9 minutes ago, The Godfather said:

Big games? He did well against Celtic but got his Arse felt twice against Hibs and motherwell


hes shite

Exactly did well against Celtic, so we know he's capable of so much more and with an actually experienced defender next to him he'll do a great job for us. 

Amma quote this, and keep it for a rainy day. :wink: 

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3 minutes ago, BridgeIsBlue said:

"Your city is blue.
Your city is blue.
Just like Leicester
Your city is blue."

Leicester fans singing to Celtic at the Girdo dome.

3 goals in 6 mins win 3-0. That means for 84 minutes they couldnt score against the Imps. Add that to the 1st leg 90. 174 minutes they couldnt break down the Imps.


Change your to this and its fine.

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3 minutes ago, BridgeIsBlue said:

60k there so there is!

No,honestly look!



Even the big flags have gave up :lol: 

The big flags couldn't beat the rest of the tims getting there season tickets in time to renew theirs. 

Shame, the most loyal fans they've had for the past 4 years :lol: 

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After the Imps game Brenda said in an interview how the game... "died down in the second half cause the players were tired..."

How can a team of "professionals" tire against a pub team at the start of the season?

Cant wait until the first OF game since we seem to continue running until the 90th minute... Miller was still running at 90 last night into the ES box... and wee Barrie was still running back to our box to cover.


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