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* The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

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8 hours ago, standup said:

I used to be a Palestine supporter but switched to Israel because of Palestines connection to Celtic.

Send Subo , Wee Jay and Paul the Tim out there and Palestinians will be eating Bagels, opening Jewllery stores and watching the Jazz Singer before you can say Oy Vey

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23 minutes ago, LeeWallaceRFC said:

I know it's wishful thinking but that mob are literally wank. Them scoring 2 goals isn't impressive, even St Johnstone managed it.

The performance of the travelling team almost always drops.  If you need evidence of that just compare Celtic's home record with their away record.  It was only a few weeks ago they lost to the team from Gibraltar.  The team from Israel will look like a much improved side tomorrow.

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6 minutes ago, RFCRobertson said:

Bit of a dick move him saying that about Schwiensteiger. 

"I don't need a marquee signing that can't run." 


"Hahaha fucking no chance he'd want to come here never mind us paying his wages"

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Have to laugh. Anybody on twitter that can put this out. Seems like the taigs will be funding the Israeli government.Apparently 72% of aid to Palestine ends up in Israel.


"Because foreign aid turns Palestine into “an effective export sector for the Israeli economy,” Hever suggests that aid money could actually prolong the occupation of Palestine. “International aid efforts ultimately reinforce the Israeli economy and subsidize the Israeli government in financing the occupation.”


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11 hours ago, THE_MIGHTY_BEARS said:

I'll be watching.  I've got a 20/1 stake on them getting beat 3-0.  However, if Celtic score the TV will be abruptly switched off.

I could never bring myself to watching these scumbags only exceptions when playing Rangers and under gunpoint

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On 21 August 2016 at 9:01 PM, BertContraband said:




How can fellow humans from the same city watch that and feel happy with themselves

If we were behind a campaign like that I’d be fucking mortified 

Like Houstons John Greig quote “We all know who you are Craig”  x fucking 10

And those thai fucking tims

Anything retarded is fair game, fucking writing placards, “we are all celtic” , really , who the fuck decided wearing their tops wasn’t enough

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