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* The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

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7 hours ago, Thewhitesettler said:

The Invincibles?

Have they ever had an original thought?

They try to copy everything the English teams do, from Walk On, Liverpool, to the invincibles, Arsenal.

They really do have no shame.

aye they've got scarves with it written on it and even the BBC commentators kept calling them brenda's invincibles or some shite.

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7 minutes ago, bombaybadboy08 said:

Jay did indeed say that, right after he said he wanted his Daddy to send all the food in the fridge over to Africa to help combat poverty and later followed up with what he thought was the way ahead for Syria and Donald Trump.

Did he not also have a solution to stop the Islamic terror threat as well ?? 

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2 minutes ago, bombaybadboy08 said:

He did, mate but he was feeling very sleepy and had only really 4 or 5 sheets written out and said he would finish it in the morning.

To be fair his crayon-manship is 100 times better than the lego eaters..

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2 hours ago, Laudrup1984 said:

This has nothing to do with the poor wee boy, absolutely nothing, in fact it's difficult to feel anything other than sorry for the boy. No one wants to see a wee boy with any form of illness, however this was posted about 3 hours ago today, where by all account it seems Tierney has lost no teeth. Honestly, why would you post this. It really isn't right to be honest.........


With that clubs filthy history involving child abuse the obsession they have with him is deeply deeply disturbing.

Not sure what's worse Jay or those Thai kids.

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Fedirico Maritone"'s family own the Qua restaurant in Ingram St.

A couple of weeks ago he was telling us all the old cliches about Tommy Gemmell, how he was always in the Restaurant, how he would autograph wine bottles, how he was a character and told great stories etc etc pish, pish.

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I feel so sorry for wee Jay. Right now he is in his teens and has the "poster boy" charm of a child with learning difficulties / disabilities. His parents and the club are exploiting it. 

It is like when a cute kid goes on BGT. The audience lap it up.

HOWEVER what is goin to happen when he gets to 17, 18 and loses that boyish look, but still has the mentality of a 10 year old (if not younger). How will his parents explain to him that he has been replaced by the next "poster boy" because he looks too old to be exploited as naive, innocent etc... even though he isnt fully comprehending why he has been abandoned by the club?


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