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Italian Sports Minister calls for suspension of Italian leagues


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For me, this is what happens when cops are allowed to carry guns. There was a scuffle and the cop shot into the air, dont think so. Hes got the whole universe to shoot at and he shoots a guy through the window of a car. Nah, sorry.

A fight between no more than 6 people, could you imagine this in Glasgow, cops with guns, there would be deaths every weekend if thats how you broke up scuffles. It is, once again, the case of an overpaid, under educated policeman in Italy doing nothing by the letter of the law.

Ive been to Italy a few times this season to watch a team, in fact Im emmigrating there on Friday so Ive been following this story in the Italian press with great intent.

The Ultras are fans who over react to everything. There was no reason why the Atalanta fans should have behaved the way they did due to this shooting. Sure, the Ultras in Rome had more ground to stand on, but Atalanta (Bergamo) is about 700 miles from Rome and about 300 miles from Arezzo where the shooting took place. They are just idiots and gave the Italian sports minister the grounds for a halt to games being played.

I personally dont want it happen as Im off to Monza on Sunday to watch Hellas. It wasnt a riot, it created one, thats different.

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