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Pato Is Better Than Ronaldinho

Del Juve

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Milan Coach Carlo Ancelotti has described teenage wonderkid Alexandre Pato as a ‘phenomenon’ and says that he is ‘better than Ronaldinho’.

So let’s start with Milan. At what point are your squad at?

We are growing and getting better. We went through a difficult period, it was an anomalous situation.

What do you mean by ‘anomalous’?

Well because we were playing well away from home and winning, while playing badly at home and either drawing or losing. Do you think this seems right?

Ok fair enough but what were the reasons for this?

This Milan team suffers more than other teams within tight spaces. We have players who show their best when they have the freedom to express themselves – for example Kaka.

Kaka has always said that the Scudetto is possible - what do you think?

He has reason to say this because this championship is very strange and equal. All the big teams are having difficulty – Fiorentina lost at home to Udinese, Roma drew with Empoli – it is not easy.

Kaka dreams of a Champions League final with Barcelona

We will do everything to satisfy him with this wish.

And who would win this game?

Milan would win because we have never failed in the important matches. In these games we have got the best out of Inzaghi, Gilardino has unblocked himself, and also now we have Ronaldo again, while Pato is also available from January.

You have said that Pato is better than Ronaldinho. Can you confirm this?

Yes I can confirm and sign that this is true. The judgement on Pato is simple – he is great and that is it. There are no other words to say.

Ok but can you tell us a bit more about Pato?

To me it is enough to look at him during the FIFA Under-20 World Cup in Toronto. He is a phenomenon. Amazing speed, a powerful shot, superb balance, and a great sense of where the goal is. What more do you want from an attacker?

So will Pato play as the support striker?

I will think about it. In certain occasions he can play as the last striker and in other instances he can play as the second striker. There is no such thing as a fixed position in football.

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