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Archie Bone R.I.P


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Received this email today RIP Archie Bone

Here is an article about it on the rangers website


Hi Guys,

I am afraid I have some really sad news, Archie Bone who was the Secretary of Fallin RSC and the Secretary of the Scottish Delegates died of a heart attack late yesterday afternoon at Glasgow’s Royal Infirmary. Everyone who had made contact with Archie knew how much of a character he was, nothing was a bother to him he was a great Rangers man and I had a lot of respect for him as did everyone who knew him, he leaves a massive hole which will be impossible to fill and he will be greatly missed by everyone.

I know Archie had loads of friends all over the world and particularly in Northern Ireland, can you please pass this information onto anyone you know who knew Archie and is not on email.

I spoke to Archie’s wife this morning and I will be in touch about the Funeral later this week when I have more details.

Best Regards

Jim Hannah

Supporters Liaison Manager

Rangers Football Club

Here is a link to just one of the many Rangers Supporters Assembly Events he assisted with.


Not only a great Rangers fan he was also a tribute to the community he lived in, here is just one of the things he done. This is the report that was in the sunday mail.

ARCHIE BONE, of Fallin, Stirlingshire.

Grandad Archie keeps the memory of Scotland's lost miners alive for the children of his village.

Archie, 58, who worked down Fallin pit himself for 10 years, is also responsible for the local miner's memorial.

The monument was put up in 1992 and commemorates 55 pit workers who lost their lives in the mine from 1904 until it closed in 1987.

Archie, who chairs Fallin community council and works with senior citizens groups, has also opened a miners' museum and garden.

When Fallin mine closed, Archie vowed to educate the next generation and his tales of life down the pit have inspired local schoolkids.

Stephen Evans, who nominated him, said: "Archie has worked tirelessly for his community and deserves recognition."

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I never knew or heard of him up until reading it on the gers site there but he was clearly a valued member of the community, both his local 1 and the rangers family. Thoughts go to his friends and family.


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