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Scotland and Rangers - The Similarities...

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For me both Scotland and Rangers were in the same situation.

Both had two games:


Georgia (away) and Italy (home)


Stuttgart (away) and Lyon (home)

As far as i was/am concerned both had (in theory) two bites of the cherry but in my view both had (in reality) one bite!

Scotland got fucked by Georgia 2-0 and at that point i knew it was 'game aboggy' - i simply knew the Italians would do everything to win and the reappointment of the Ref to a Spanish one kinda confirmed that (politics and football, it happens ALL the time) but that aside i knew they'd win!

In theory Rangers have two bites of the cherry, but to my mind if we don't win against Stuttgart* then (at the back of my mind) it'll be game over!

*That'll be a hard game, because we beat them 2-1 and they'll rightly feel aggrieved - so the fact that they're out of it shouldn't be taken as a fact!

We have ONE chance, go to Germany, play as though our lives depend on it, and we'll win and qualify from the group to the next stage! The tackles have to be hard and fair (they've a League to win so won't be to brave) and we need to insure the appointment of a Ref is more to our liking, just as the Italians did!!!

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we are rangers and should be scared of nobody, just go to germany and beat stuttgart, get right into them and get the job done, never mind who the ref is because we are the people. :rangers:

Exactly, this game needs to be THE GAME!!!

As you say GET TORE IN!

They've a League to win and 'if' we approach this as a 'do or die' game, they'll not risk injury etc fighting on the behalf of Lyon, no matter how aggrieved they feel over the 2-1 game at Ibrox!

By the way (the 2-1 'unjust' result), will be the line the Tarriers push in their Internet Propaganda ahead of us going to Germany!!!

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Forget Lyon for now, we must beat stuttgart, a draw is of no use to us so lets get after them.

somebody better tell Wattie then that a draw is no use, 4-5-1 here we come!

Walter should be coming the 4-5-1 kid on routine ahead of this game and then at kick-off, we need to pursue a really AGGRESSIVE POSITIVE game!!!!

That's the only way we're gonna win and (ultimately) progress from this group!!! :pipe:

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Stuttgart are starting to come onto a game and they will be wanting to win this game more than anything. Also Germany is never an easy place to go. I think Barca will get at least a draw in Lyon along with us drawing in Stuttgart. It will come down to the last game at Ibrox. A draw will do us, I cant see Lyon beating us at home.

I think we'll qualify in 2nd place :rangers:

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Not too sure about this but......................... If we get beat in Stuttgart by the odd goal, Barca are going to beat Lyon anyway, so Lyon are still gonna have to come to Ibrox and win.

The point we got v Barca is going to be the crucial element i think. :)

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