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thought i would share this with yous ... as it made me laugh

( am jamie btw ) lol

(17:37) Jordan 2007 .. M: results business mate scotland just wasnt up to it

(17:37) Jamie Weel Sup: done better than england with results thts for sure

(17:37) Jordan 2007 .. M: least we will qualify thts the main thing

(17:40) Jamie Weel Sup: Celtic learned that the hard way

(17:40) Jordan 2007 .. M: ooo we definately are

(17:40) Jamie Weel Sup: no no no

(17:40) Jordan 2007 .. M: ill bet u right now lolol

(17:40) Jamie Weel Sup: uz definalty are not

(17:42) Jamie Weel Sup: am only givin ye a tip lol

(17:42) Jordan 2007 .. M: lolol

(17:43) Jordan 2007 .. M: well we will go through

:) well haaaaaa fuckin haaaaaaaaa :D

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