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Steady on Bilic...

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Fairplay for stuffing england, but he's getting a bit carried away here...

"Nothing is wrong with English football but you have to realise that this was by far the most difficult group."

"No other group had such quality in the fourth and fifth teams as Israel and Macedonia."

Think there might have been a slightly tougher group..

Top Seeds

England vs Italy - one team are vastly overrated, the other are world champions

2nd seeds

Croatia vs France - A team that does ok at most championships or the world cup runners up?

3rd seeds

Russia vs Ukraine - where were russia at the world cup last year?

4th Seeds

Israel vs Scotland - when was the last time israel qualified for anything, they have good players but we were superb this time!

5th seeds

Macedonia vs Georgia - much of a mucg as far as i can tell, each have their individually gifted players (pandev, kaladze etc)

6th seeds

Estonia vs Faroe Islands - ok estonia are better, not really sayin much tho

and bloody Andorra in your group!

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