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Each Game is a strain these days

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:pipehorse: never feel 100% confident of getting through a game these days. I suppose it makes the SPL more exciting but when Celtic and us are just fighting over the best SPL kids unable to afford bigger continental players then I guess thats the way things are going to be

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unfortunatly we are not going to be able to sign the quality players we once could, WS has his work cut out in January, thats if he feels we need to sign anyone

maybe we should grab Murphy for the left back before Celtic get him

A player that will be on WS's radar thats for sure..i wouldnt say no.

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out of the team and you'll find we are one paced and impotent, aka shite. To rely on a right back for potency says it all really.

Every player discluding possibly Buffel (who has avergae pace) our whole squad is slow slow slow and lacking real quality. There is your recipe for each game being a strain.

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