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Gerry McNee last sunday NOTW


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I know this is late but it just came back to me. Did anyone read him last week?

It was cringy as fuck!!

He was talking about the draw for the CL and UEFA cups, he said that Gordon Smith was not important enough to be there, so basically he was saying he is an important man in the eyes of UEFA!!

Then he said,"I spent quality one on one time with Seb Blatter" Is McNee realy that twisted and sick to make us think that on one of the most important and high profile days in Seb Blatters callander that he would fuck all these PROPER importnant men in football off for this fat violent alchoholic?

Like all of you i hate the man, and i read him just to see what drivel he comes out with.

I have said before but i went to Nithsdale road nursery school with his daughter and my mum and his wife were good friends, she was a nice lady BTW, so sometimes after nursery we used to go to his house in Dumbreck. And do you know what a journolist did'nt have in his house in the late 70's????

A TELEVISION!!!!! Now i know i am not the smartest person on this planet, and i know at that time we only had three TV stations, but there was still football on the box at the weekends, OK not live but highlights, and this is when this vile little cunt was forging his career, surely this is a very starnge thing for a TV journo not to have and mabe explioans a tiny bit why he is a genuine weirdo???

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