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Nothing like a good transfer saga to kick the board into life


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This baord is brilliant i think, i have learned a lot about Rangers since i joined a few months ago. It did go quiet a wee bit over the festive period which is to be expected. :rangers:

But this stuff with wee Hutton has given the board a right good kick start back into life with some great points being made, even if i don't agree with them so hopefully it will gain momentum from tonight. :rangers:

But i am actually enjoying this saga with Hutton as it has a lot of plus points. We have produced a great player that is being linked with a big money move to the EPl which has made the world of football sit up and take notice of Rangers which can only be a good thing, in a round about way even if it does mean a player leaving but it also will but money in the clubs pocket for other good quality players to join. :rangers:

A bit of a random rant but i hope you get where i am comiong from :rangers:

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