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Clyde 1 Superscoreboard Link Bears outside the UK http://earth.radica.com/clyde1-70 Bears in the UK http://www.clyde1.com/goout.asp?u=http://w...s/clyde1_70.asx Real Radio Bears in the UK http://www

Im awaiting a media scandal about our players just before the Celtic game. They will try anything to take our eye off the ball.

Tuned in tho keeps jumping <angryy>

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The guy on real radio just now said he won't stop shouting FTP but says players shouldn't cross themselves because you should keep religion out of football :huh:

Thats what your up against <cr>

When Ewan challenged the guy to explain his statement the moron stammered 7 struggled to give any reasoned answer.

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hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!! whata f*cking plonker! ALEX MCLEISH

What did he say missed that?

they had a competition to find out who this famous scottish player was and played a sound clip and it was alex, so he went text HERo to blah blah blah to win, and him and ruffy started talkin and ruffy said he kinda looked like bred pitt as a clue, other guy laughed and went "wtf?", and ruffy went "aye am keepin him sweet becasue am meeting him 2morrow for an interview", then the other guy goes "yes we're goin to see Alex McLeish for rolls and bacon 2morrow", and ruffy to his delight tells him he just told everyone the answer :lol:

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Ive got Real radio on at the moment. I might change it.

Real Radio saying anything about the lineup?

very little man. just the usual phone ins. Ive just changed to Clyde, but i will go back to RR, keep an ear open.

Nae bother it's the phone in on now on clyde but big DJ said at the start hemdani in--Boyd out and broadfoot in for Papac

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Just read this from some numpty on a different forum about whats the best scottish football phone in -

"Radio Clyde is best for informed opinion and has the top presenters"

informed opinion wtf guys obv one of them

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