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The Story Of The Season

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this season there has been 2 things that have split the old firm.

rangers have dominated most games but have failed to score the 1 or 2 goals needed to win the game. we have always conceeded maybe 1 goal the odd game but the reason we are dropping points is because we are not putting the ball in the net twice or whatever.

i haven't been impressed with celtic and they have went a goal behind a few times and even two goals behind but when they get a chance they take it no matter how bad they have played or how good the other team are playing.

its sickening because i don't think, and havent thought since the start of the season, that there is much between the 2 teams. especially now as we look to have a bit of determination about us.

it was the same story today. we dominated the game but failed to score the 2 goals needed for the win. far too many wasted chances: sebo, prso, novo, ferguson, and a few good saves and bad luck which has been with us all season.

2day is the first day i have seen a bit of luck going for us in the penalty not giving and the deflection for the goal. celtic have had alot of luck (ie. bad goalkeeping errors, freekicks, etc) all season and in the champs league and even today hitting the post twice but hopefully we've gained alot of confidence after today and start clawing back some points on them because they are not as good as the 16point difference shows

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