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How Do You Feel About Making the UEFA Cup Final?

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I feel a way that I haven't for my entire life supporting Rangers. Going on three decades and we are accomplishing something really special!

Thank you to everyone on RM for supporting Rangers as well as you do and remember, WE ARE THE PEOPLE!

Long my our success continue!

:unionflag: :rangers: :unionflag:

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So legends give birth !

Years will pass, a great deal will drop off, but these days and these successes will become only brighter and sentimentally.

:unionflag: I like it! :unionflag:

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I simply cannot describe how I feel (except hungover :)) about our achievement last night. The boys who have given their all on the park all season have deserved this, but I doubt if anyone believed they could actually reach this level.

Today, as always, I am proud to be a Ger.


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