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Make sure Manchester is ready for us

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I am just slightly concerned that Manchester does NOT know what is about to hit them - there will be 10,000's without tickets but in Manchester. I want to make sure they take getting big screens, parking, transport etc. seriously. Please email them to say you are coming

email city.council@manchester.gov.uk to say you are comingCity of Manchester email

Let me know if you email - I have!

Here's what I sent

Can you let me know what, if any, arrangements the council are making for the 10’s of thousand Rangers fans who are coming to Manchester of 14th May for the UEFA Cup Final?

It’s a great chance to visit your city but I really want to see the game (but suspect tickets will be hard to get).


Spread it about!

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They know!...I was talking to someone from Greater Manchester Police and they've been looking at the contingency plans (which will be a nightmare..) for ages...they plan on 400,000 staying a couple of days...

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