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Fans, please help - Need 2 Tickets for me and my dad

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As you know, I live in Manchester, however when the ballot was open for Entries my Internet crashed, and thus I didnt have a chance to enter the ballot.

This has seriously saddened me because the only chance to get tickets to see the mighty rangers has gone, because with me living in Manchester, there is no chance I can get to any home games because I work weekends and im in college Monday to friday. However, I wish to now buy some tickets for the uefa cup final.

Me and my dad are big rangers fans, and have always wanted to go a Rangers game, but as said before the distance is the killer.

So, with this in mind, I am asking anyone who is selling 2 tickets to the final could they possibly offer me them for a resonalble price (because with my job being a part time one, I cant afford the offers being asked)

If any one is kind enough to offer me 2 tickets, at a resonable price, and make my dream come true of watching the mighty rangers, could they Please PM me or Email me at Bright_Sparxz@Hotmail.co.uk

Thank you so much.


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