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Oh how timmy is hurting! lmao

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Was mentioning to a tim at work that I'd guess we'll take over 100,000 to manchester to which he said "no way will yous get more than we had in seville,and anyway,we have dione better in europe this season than you by getting to the last 16" (despite the same guy saying that us getting to the last 16 wasnt as big as them gettin to the uefa cup final!:lol: ) I just laughed then was left speechless when he said "youre just bitter because we got to the last 16 and yous didnt" :lol: and what is it with tims? they just shout over the top of you when youre coming out with facts.as i was mentioning that celtic relied on last minute goals and other teams doing them favours while we ran the group of death close,all he could do was repeatedly and loudly iver the top of me say "just bitter,just bitter,just bitter" oh how im LOVING this!!!!!! :rangers:

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There was an embarrassing old tim on the Jim Traynor open line last night saying that all we are good at is taking penalties. Never mind managing to shut out one of Serie As best teams for 2 hours, no all this old clown could see was the pens :rolleyes:

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