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Unfair Labelling Of Fans

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Just like to know if its just me, or does everyone in england think that rangers fans are bigots and nazis, thats what im getting called ect on english clubs forums, , who make out celtic fans to be squeky clean etc, not fair, cud do with people explaining it to em first hand.....lol

its worst from the so called sheff weds fans on owlstalk forum, but theyre probably all as bad.......

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I've never been called a bigot or a facist on an English fan's board, thank goodness. I think that's because most English fans are also quite loyal to the Queen and are proud to be English and British.

I know Celtic's fans have a pretty dire reputation among clubs in London especially because they so proudly support the IRA who routinely tried to bomb and intimidate Londoners.

Welcome the boards, btw. (tu)

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Most of the English people I know over here either couldn't give a rats arse about Scottish football or support Rangers. Unfortunately most of the "Scots" I meet are Celtic supporters.

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