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Lex Gold has a go at the SFA, Dick & says he was trying to be fair to all clubs


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I'll be blamed if Rangers don't win UEFA Cup, says SPL chairman Lex Gold

May 11 2008 By Mark Guidi

THE war of words between Rangers and the SPL escalated last night as Lex Gold claimed he will be blamed if the Ibrox club don't win the UEFA Cup.

Gold has been slaughtered by Gers supremo Sir David Murray for not cancelling yesterday's clash against Dundee United.

And Murray has demanded showdown talks with the league chief for not extending the season.

But Gold hit back last night and also blasted the SFA and ex-Gers boss Dick Advocaat.

He said: "A lot of personal and institutional attacks have been made. Despite the criticism I've yet to see anyone produce a solution - a fair one.

"The league season was extended from May 18 to 22. That's an exceptional measure.

"The decision was taken on April 22 and there has been no material change since.

"The circumstances this season I don't think will ever be repeated. We've had unprecedented weather, the tragic death of Phil O'Donnell and had to cancel games for Scotland and Rangers.

"All I have tried to do is what is fair for all of our clubs. Our hands have been tied but I can look myself in the mirror.

"Murray wants to talk to me at the end of the season and I'll welcome him to Hampden."

When asked if he feels he'll be blamed should Rangers lose to Zenit on Wednesday, Gold said: "I know it will happen."

Gold has been asked to resign but will not do so. He said: "My appointment is renewed every year and it has always been a unanimous vote.

"I've no reason to think it won't be the same this time."

On the row over not postponing yesterday's SPL game, to help Gers, Gold said: "In the last seven UEFA Cup Finals no clubs have had a game put off."

Gold is also angry with the SFA for claiming last week they would have put the Scottish Cup Final back, despite not checking with police, Sky TV and Queen of the South.

He said: "The SFA can help by doing away with replays."

And his parting shot was aimed at Advocaat who branded the SPL a Mickey Mouse league.

Gold said: "The man who has criticised the SPL and its youth development is the same man who did not attend youth development meetings. It's eight years since he was involved."


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Idiot of a man.

You may not perceive any alterations to be fair Gold, but you need to consider your position in terms of whats best for our NATIONAL game. Scottish terms rarely get to European finals these days unfortunetly and it should therefore take priority with no questions asked.

With Rangers having the chance to essentially highlight Scottish football to a larger audience, we should have been given what we desired.

This situation would not have arisen due to the fact that Gold is incompetent at his job, along with many of the clowns that run the SFA. He's even stated there that this is a season unlike any other, so why, i ask, should Rangers been punished for that for having success within this particular season.

Anyway, theres nothing that can be done now. Its past and we're going to get on with it. And who knows, maybe it won't matter in the end. But if we were to do the unbelievable and win the UEFA cup we will always remember that will be in spite of the SPL and SFA, which would make it so much sweeter.

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I think the Dundee Utd game came at a good time considering the result, regular football could be an advantage for us, Zenit could very well turn up and take a while to find their feet in a competitive game.

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But if we were to do the unbelievable and win the UEFA cup we will always remember that will be in spite of the SPL and SFA, which would make it so much sweeter.

I agree completely.

I hope that if we do win it the lex gold's of the SPL don't run to the papers saying we done it for the SPL.

In truth we will have done it in spite of the SPL

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