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Banner Legislation


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As im over in egypt, and sheet material here is very cheap, i was looking at making a banner. around 10-15 Feet long.

Possible phrase - Celtic's having a Rester, as we win in chester

spoke to a guy from aberdeen who told me there is a 10 foot maximum law for pittodrie, was just wondering if the same applies for C.o.M?

will be going to buy the material in a few hours, hopefully paint it tonight.

will be in either section 122 or 304 (2 pairs of tickets between the family - haven't decided which to take)

leet me know if your in either section ;)

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Size isn't a problem.

But you'll have to ensure it has a fire-proof certificate unless you plan to smuggle it in which I couldn't possibly condone... ;)

Where would I get that?

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Hmm.. goggled it. you have to buy the banner with the certificate.. which will be a problem in egypt, seeing as everythings written in arabic

guess that idea's gonna take more thought. any ideas?

or any Smuggling Specialists :P

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While Makeing Your Flag Cut One Off A Regular Rangers Flag They Sowe It On It Get Me Past Many A Areshole At Away Games Trust Me

Ah, so a regular, nylon label attatched to the corner o the flag does the trick?

doh Brilliant, here's me thiking i needed an official document :P

al just wrap the bastard roon myself then pull ma top over it, sew the label on just incase


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