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Team to play against Kaunas


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Evening Bears.

Just wondered what your thoughts are for the starting 11 against Kaunas tomorrow?

What do you think Walter's team will be and if you could pick the team what would your starting 11 be?

I think that Walter's team will be:


Whittaker Broadfoot Weir Papac


Thomson Adam

Novo McCulloch


Personally i'd go with:


Whittaker Broadfoot Weir Papac

Novo Hemdani Thomson McCulloch

Boyd Miller

Although i'm not big fans of Broadfoot, Hemdani or McCulloch, I feel that we are so short in that area we don't have much option.

I'd love to see Furman given a chance but don't think it would be fair on him to play in such a big game when he hasn't had much 1st team experience.

I was close to starting with Velicka but I think if we play Boyd he will score!!!

I would be looking to bring on Lafferty and Velicka at some point.

But no matter what the team is i'll support it and will also support Walter and Ally!!


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