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SDM and Bain


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The £22 million provided has, in my opinion, only given us only one good player and I believe it was John Brown who persuaded Walter to go for him. Other than that a couple of average spl mid table level players and the rest just nowhere near the level needed. Unable to assess Lafferty but if he really is a striker why could he not get a game there for his previous team, and I have never seen Boughera.

So I would blame the person who picks the signing targets before anyone else.

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I hope these 2 cowboys are hurting tonight. Their stinginess in spending money has cost us a chunk of our reputation tonight, and a large chunk of cash. Guess which one they will be gutted about :angry2:

I don't agree about SDm being a cowboy. You have to remember that without his £51m 'investment' a few years back we'd possibly crippled with debt right now!

We have bought big in the past (Laudrup, Gazza Albertz, Numan, Van Bronkhorst & the likes) & it really didn't get us anywhere that we haven't been recently (i.e. last 16 of the c/l).

There's all sorts of talk about the Staduim being re-developed etc etc, and Murray's been too quiet for my liking!

However, when he's quiet, usually means he's planning something!

Bain. I just have no idea what Rangers are getting from this muppet....except from a sizeable dent in their bidget!

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@legendof coop "I don't agree about SDm being a cowboy. You have to remember that without his £51m 'investment' a few years back we'd possibly crippled with debt right now!" hahahahahahah funniest thing i have seen in a long time.

let me ask you this....how did we get that much in debt? you may also rememvber he tried to get the money out of the supporters for it first, before he was left with no choice but to underwrite the debt. and can you confirm that the money has not just been transfered to another part of MIH, of which Rangers is an 'asset'?

we were told we would have a statement at the end of may re the stadium, nearly 3 months passed and not a cheap, apart from smithers pathetic press release last week which said nothing.

you say murray must be planning if he is quiet, but murray has been quiet for years and only appears to give good news and take the plaudits, usually via the Rangers hating prik trayknob at the daily rebel. remember when it was announced to the world that Rangers were £70 million in debt, murray appointed john mclelland chairman, and fcuked off to let mclelland take the shit. then he returned in the blaze of glory, demoting mclelland to do so. the work of an egomaniac

the Rangers supporters have taken it left right and centre from the media for a nember of years now, and murray has never defended us.

can you explain to me;

Edmiston House?

The catering?

The Albion car park?

The merchandising?

wheres the £18 million from the jjb deal?

murray used to make the statement regualrly, that he never takes a wage fron Rangers! maybe not, but he is asset stripping the club to the point we have fcuk all left.

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If we had Hutton tonight we would have went through, his runs would have destroyed that team

We also would have won the SPL last season.

We also wouldn't of been able to splash out cash for mediocrity like we have this season.

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