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  1. 1. Walter Smith To Stay In Charge?

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Yes... but id be better with the cash... and make sure he got the fucking finger out and done the job thats meant to be done.

if he fails, then hes out the door.... and if i was rich enough to be the new boss, im sure i could get some other good manager to come.

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i stick by him

if i was a new chairman coming in then id back him with some cash but............. on the understanding that the cash be used for midfield,he would also need to be told that the style of play would need to dramatically change as the support have seen enough pish for last few years or next may hes out the door past reputation or not.

i dont feel this is the time to change managers,any new guy coming in wont have cash to splash or even time to splash it if he did have,our transfer negotiations seem to take a couple weeks minimum per signing so id give walter till end of this season,but the league is a must,im not as intrested in the cups,if they come then fair enough its a bonus but we simply MUST! win the league at all costs.

failure to be in europe is bad enough but failure to win the league again this season cannot and will not be tolerated :(

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