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Passing it back to the keeper


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The amount of times we passed it back to the Shagger last night was ridiculous. How many times did Kaunas (who were, IIRC, the pub team on show) pass it back to theirs?

We go from having a corner to scrambling it back to the Shagger in a matter of seconds. Once it's being hoofed out by the keeper we've basically lost possession. Why can’t they make some angles and pass it out of defence? Even sides like Falkirk can manage it with ease against us.

I can't understand how a team of professionals can't keep possession of a football. We managed it in Lisbon last season. It's not rocket science. Pass and move - that's basic primary school level stuff. Whenever we had it at the back Weir was either scrambling it back to McGregor, or hoofing it for a throw in when looking for Miller.

Why are Lithuanian minnows capable of passing us off the park? It's a disgrace. Dailly couldn't pass it 10 yards on Saturday. A simple 10 yard pass down the line went out for a throw in.

There must be kids in our reserves who are capable of retaining possession. Furman looks like he can pass a ball. Shinnie, Emslie, Efrem and co must be capable too. Get them in the side and let's play football.


Rant over.

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