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Who Is The Core Of Our Team


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Player for player, we don't have a starting line-up never mind a squad!!!


Carlos (assuming he isn't sold)

Thomson (if he can mature)

Ferguson (if he can regain the form of old)



Potentially / Hopefully




Need To Be Given A Chance




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Thomson shouldn't need time to mature. He's 24 years old, has played well over 100 professional games and has been one of the most consistently-picked players under Smith.

Last night he suffered from what Barry did a couple of seasons ago when he was pretty much asked to do the job of an entire midfield and it made him look very poor. Regardless, Thomson doesn't have potential or time to mature, he needs to be one of the main players for us as he is.

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Cuellar and Ferguson are 90% of our team and it showed last night.

I doubt Ferguson will ever be close to his best again but he's still far better than the others, with the possible exception of Thomson. Cuellar goes without saying but up until recently I would have included McGregor. I hope he can recover his form. He's looking like our Marshal at the moment.

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It should be














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I think once Barry's fully fit again he may be like a breath of fresh air to our midfield, it seems as if he's been playin with this injury for longer than we thought

essential core of our team:





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