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smith you are the weakest link..........goodbye


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how can anyone deny that the problem that stinks at our loved club just now stems from our manager?

of course the chairman must take his share and ultimately is the bigger problem, but the manager is the man who has brought in players such as dailly, mcculloch, weir (now firmly past it) adam, miller, darchville, cousin (anyone who read his history could tell he would have been a problem player) and the rest you could argue

the result this week was firmly on the cards against, lets face it, a pub team.

smiths midfield was the worst i have ever seen in a game, bar wee novo, who comes up with important goals at crucial times.......

miller has had 3 or 4 CLEAR CUT chances to get the boo boys off his back by scoring a crucial goal in the last two games and failed miserably, yet i have little doubt that on sat he will line up, as will the rest of these imposters to grace the jersey

his tactics and team selection are nothin short of a joke and he is the problem that must be solved before more damage is done this season

my thoughts are that he could be gone in the next few weeks, if a certain few opening games do go 100% to plan.......

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