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Lex Gold reflects on the SDM meeting post season


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SPL chief Lex Gold has declared clear-the-air talks with Rangers a success and looked forward to putting last season's dispute over fixtures behind them.

The governing body's executive chairman met with Rangers owner Sir David Murray and chief executive Martin Bain in the summer to discuss outstanding issues.

The SPL incensed the Gers when they refused to extend last season for a second time to let the Ibrox players recover from the Uefa Cup Final.

Walter Smith's side lost the league on the final day to Old Firm rivals Celtic after a defeat by Aberdeen at Pittodrie.


Gold stated: "The relationship between me and David Murray and Martin Bain is good. The meeting we have had has cleared the air.

"They were pretty robust in what they said to me and they had an equally robust response.

"It was a good meeting. I was able to explain in detail the issue and they explained their concerns.

"I pointed out there was only one nation that had helped a club before a European final by postponing a league game, until Russia did it, and that was Scotland.

"That was the Dundee game against Celtic before the Uefa Cup Final in 2003. Sadly, we didn't have the scope to do it this time. We had the scope to extend the season and we did it. That sometimes gets forgotten. That caused a fair amount of angst among a number of our clubs."

Gold added: "I could understand the request from Rangers. But it couldn't be accommodated because of time constraints. We couldn't go beyond the date of the Scottish Cup Final because of the fact the Euro Championships were in the summer.

"Under Fifa rules, players at our other clubs would be drawn away to play in it. We couldn't go beyond it. The SFA were not able to move the cup final.

"There was nowhere for us to go. Why anybody should believe there was something to help one of our teams in Europe that was not done I find hard to believe. The 14-day period is sacrosanct. If we had challenged that we would have been hauled up before Fifa.

"Rangers had a phenomenal run. They were a great credit to Scotland. But there was literally nowhere I could have gone. We move on."


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lex gold had a bit in the paper the other day saying we have tarnished the game, we have sent the league backwards and have caused the spl to lose its euro points,,,,

What about what you all fukking did for rangers last season, or more to the point, what u didnt fukkin do for us.

Totaly sick of the hard time rangers supporters get from the likes of the sfa and co.

We are the peepl

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Aye and we are still waiting fur sellik to go on this tour of japan as well. :rolleyes:

They're going on the 296th May 2008 - the same day Murray will announce his plans for Ibrox.

I thought it was the 32nd of Jelember :craphead:

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