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cuellar stayin and two more coming


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WALTER SMITH has confirmed that he still has money to buy at least two new players to bolster his squad and also knocked back suggestions the club is looking to sell fans' favourite Carlos Cuellar.

Despite going out of Europe to FBK Kaunas on Tuesday night the Gers' gaffer insists this has not affected his transfer budget but did highlight the difficulties he has encountered in finding the quailty of player he wants at the club.

Carlos CuellarWith three weeks of the current transfer window to go Smith is actively looking for suitable targets but has no intention of losing the club's current Player of the Year.

He said: "We have no offer for Carlos and that is where we stand right now. We don't want one and are not seeking one and we don't need to sell the player, or any player, at this stage.

"I don't have to offload players but I think it's a natural situation that some were going to leave anyway.

"That will still happen but this is not because of our failure to get into the Champions League.

"We had some money to spend before Tuesday night and we still have that but we are having a difficulty in getting the level of player that we want.

"That's been a difficult task over the close season but there is money there for us to bring in a couple of players yet.

"We have specific areas of the pitch we want to improve but we're hopeful in the remaining three weeks of the transfer window we can do that."

Smith has received a barrage of criticism in newspaper columns and from fans after Tuesday night's Euro exit in Lithuania but realises this comes with the territory at any big club.

He said: "Nobody likes to be criticised in any way, shape or form but when you become a football manager you don't expect to go through your career without receiving that at some stage. Walter Smith

"If you are not prepared to accept the criticism you should not be a football manager.

"When you lose in the manner we did on Tuesday night to Kaunas you expect criticism and it is deserved, I totally accept that.

"I have had it before but all you can do is try to recover and get on with the job in-hand. That's exactly what we will do.

"I'm not responsible for how people react but we can only feel the disappointment of the result in Kaunas and there is no doubt every one at the club feels it, from the Chairman all the way down.

"But we have to move on and make sure this does not affect our domestic results.

"We must look at the Kaunas games and raise our standards, starting this weekend against Falkirk."

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Good news and it would not surprise me if a few leave anyway cause that was on the cards. (Hemdani, Gow etc. NOT Adam, McCollough etc.)

Because they're too good to leave doh And its McCulloch (tu)

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tugay 39 aint he, cud be eh

there are certainly worse player in our team than Tugay! And anyway, I read somewhere today that Ince has high hopes for Tugay this season

hes still got a cracking shot on him, looks went a bit :unsure:

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Walter Smith: "We have specific areas of the pitch we want to improve but we're hopeful in the remaining three weeks of the transfer window we can do that."

Something that needed addressing urgently in January - the addition of creativity - that has already seen us out of Europe, might cripple the league campaign before August is out and Smith remains 'hopeful'.

FFS - We should have had players in NOW.

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Walter can still fuck off.

I'm not surprised we still have money available, we made more last season from Europe/Hutton (around 20-odd million I should think) so the loss of the Champions League revenue shouldn't get in the way of the fact our squad has some ridiculous (arse)holes in it. If we can get money in for the duds, so much the better.

£2m for McCulloch.. fucking hell I didn't realise there were clubs out there even shitter in the transfer market than us...

The only thing is our debt will go back up this season but I really don't think you can avoid that in a season without European qualification.

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