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Great Rangers poem


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Don't care if this is a re-post :craphead: it's a great poem:

Let me tell you the tale of a Sunday in May,

We were two points behind Celtic with one game to play.

The tims had been crowing " the title's in the bag,

We've won the league again, fly the flag, fly the flag. "

They would be taught a lesson they'll always remember,

Don't write off the Rangers, we never surrender.

We descended on Leith on the 22nd of May,

The waiting was over, it was judgement day.

With hope in our hearts and trannies in our hands,

We packed ourselves into the Easter Road stand.

The ref blew the whistle, the action began,

A wave of excitement swept over the fans.

But half an hour in came the news we were dreading,

Sutton had scored, for 2nd place we were heading

Soon half-time arrived and the score remained zero,

We looked to the heavens and prayed for a hero.

The teams re-emerged and the second half started,

Not one of our loyal fans had departed.

Then all of a sudden - a promising break,

Buffel to Novo who made no mistake.

1-0 to Rangers, we were off the mark,

Our attentions now turned to events at Fir Park.

Celtic were coasting as the minutes ticked by,

They sang Championees and the Fields of Athenry.

But you and I know there was a sting in the tail,

For theirs is a club which is destined to fail.

Enter Scott MacDonald with an overhead kick,

Douglas is nowhere and Timmy is sick.

Their fans were despondant and looked to the skies,

But there was no solace there for their tear-stained eyes.

For a helicopter was approaching the ground,

But it sure wasn't landing, it was turning around.

Over on the touchline, O'Neill lost the plot,

Astonishingly brilliant, I think fcuking not!

Soon word reached Leith and the Rangers fans roared,

The players on the pitch knew that Motherwell had scored.

They kept possession, we awaited more news,

Tension gripped all of the red, white & blues.

Then two minutes later - a heart-warming sound,

Another eruption at our end of the ground.

2-1 to Motherwell and it had to be him,

MacDonald again, not bad for a Tim.

The final whistle sounded and the copter arrived,

This time it was landing with the SPL prize.

Strangers hugged strangers up and down the land,

As the words KEEP BELIEVING appeared in the stand

The singing began - " Cheer up Marty,

Come over to our place, we're having a party. "

And over at Ibrox, though minutes had passed,

A sea of red, white & blue had amassed.

Hundreds of bears lined Edmiston Drive,

The team bus arrived and the place came alive.

The party continued well into the night,

A reward for a season of courage and fight.

And I urge fellow bears to take heed of this rhyme,

As we find ourselves now in more difficult times.

Protest if you must at the current regime,

But unite on a Saturday and get behind the team.

When you're finding it hard to muster belief,

Think back to the day when the sun shone on Leith.

'Cos like the moon landings and JFK,

We'll always remember that Sunday in May.

The odds were against us but we won the race,

Let the others come after us, we welcome the chase.

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probably the best day supporting Rangers :D went to my friends house (who supported Celtic doh ) because he had both games showing at the same time. Once Sutton scored, I thought there was no way back. At half-time 3 more Celtic fans came in to watch the game so that they could slag me because they thought they would win :D They just laughed at me for celebrating Novo's goal as they thought it wouldn't matter :lol: and when McDonald scored the equaliser, I let out the biggest roar and seeing their faces was priceless :D they just walked out after McDonald scored the winner :lol: I thought they were gonnae cry :D

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I lived with a fellow Rangers supporter and a celtic supporter at the time, and work whit to many of their lot for my liking!!A night out was planned for helicopter sunday, which at half time I was no looking forward to, needless to say I had the better day and night :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy:

Best poem ever btw :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy:

Follow Follow We welcome the chase :rangers:

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absolutely quality!! im guna get that framed with pictures of the day all around it and give it pride of place in my front room! who wrote it??

:lol: it doesn't give the name of the writer

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