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Wake up bears. This is Hutton all over again

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The player has maintained all along he is delighted at the club and does not want to leave.

Look at the facts.

1. Mcoist/Burke/Ferguson etc quoted as saying Cuellar would only leave against his wishes

2. Player confirms to fans only last friday that he is settled and is in no rush to move to bigger league.

3. Mcoist and Bain have massive barny in Kaunas over Cuellar being left out to avoid cup tie.

4. All of a sudden a release clause has appearred and no one knew anything about it.

5. Player now WANTS to leave ?????????


If he wanted to be in shop window for international and thinks SPL is not big enough, why leave Primera division where you are a first team regular.

Why would he leave a club where he is a standout and a front runner for any player award for a mediocre club who are going nowhere.

This is all the work of our penny pinching Chairman and his puppet Bain.

Season ticket returned.

Best £560 I never spent.

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