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Selling Hutton cost us big time!

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So the club told us we couldn't afford to turn down £9million for Hutton in January? Well lets consider the wisdom of that decision now...

We lost the league by the most slender of margins and, whilst one man does not make a team, Hutton (along with Cuellar) was our main man at that time. In my opinion, he could and should have been persuaded to stay until the end of the season because keeping him might just have made all the difference. The board however decided to cash in and we went on to loose the title and the automatic qualification into the Champions League that comes with it.

Given what's happened at our club over the past 7 days, the ramifications of that decision to sell that particular player at that particular time can not now be under-estimated. At the very least, it was a contributory factor in us loosing guaranteed Champions League football and the £10m+ that comes with it. Combine that decision with another by the club to gamble on a make-shift midfield in the CL qualifiers and it's no surprise we are where we are. Those gambles have back-fired in the most spectacular way imaginable for our club.

No European football. No money. No way to attract genuine quality and no way to fend off bids for our best players.

We, the fans, are hurting more at this moment than I can remember for a long, long time and it's down to nothing more than poor decision-making and a lack of foresight by the people running our club. We, apparently, are the club's "customers". If the business decisions I made at work had such disastrous financial consequences for my customers or shareholders then there could be only one outcome. It seems the rules of business only apply when it suits our board to apply them.

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