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Well done Carlos Cuellar, Murray, Bain, Smith & Co


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Yes, a big "well done" to all of those listed above - they've managed in one fell swoop to lift the spotlight off the Celtic-minded cheat of a referee, Eddie Smith, the guy who single-handedly gifted his beloved 'Whoops' 3-points on Sunday.

We could have had an inquest for days with this one - filled all the phone-ins and written to all the newspapers, Christ, even the websites across the land could have been flooded with 'Eddie the cheat' stuff - but no, thanks to the Carlos Cuellar exodus the rags have conveniently forgotten Eddie's trick shot of Sunday. It's already been swept under the carpet of history. It never happened.

Given time the followers of Nonce FC will have us believe that the St Mirren defender actually assaulted Jim Vinegar of Castlemilk with a karate chop to the neck whilst stabbing him with a flick knife.

Thanks for that guys.

You've done the Semtex FC PR work for them.

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