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If you want to put a defender in the shop window.....


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.....wouldn't it make sense to play a defensive (4-5-1) style of football?

My conspiratorial head is on backwards, I know, but why are we signing so many centre-halfs.

Is Smith just showcasing these guys because he knows he's got to sell them on?

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I hardly think Weir, Dailly will have any resale value of note.

I think Walter may be looking to go for his 3 at the back some time in the future.

Aye, 5-3-1 :angry2:

What about 3-1-2-3-1 because nothing about this team makes any sense to me anymore. I feel sorry for Ally in all this, he's being brought down with SDM's snidey manouevres to line his pockets before he disappears to the south of france.

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