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Rangers 0 vs. Hearts 0 - Jan. 27 2007


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*Bazza is off so Mr. Nvager is covering*

Well Bazza you did not miss too much. This was Rangers at their frustrating best.

Hearts did not have Gordon or Hartley in their team, but it did not matter.

The pitch was heavy and that did not help.

Rangers made two changes. Svensson was replaced at CH by Ehiougo and Burke was replaced by Sionko.

Rangers opened up quickly and had two corners. Sionko was set up by Boyd but blazed widely over.

Hearts began to come into the game after a while and the Rangers midfield was ineffective. Ehiougo looks a little nervous and gives away free kicks going up for the ball.

Play is generally very scrappy.

Charlie Adam blazes wide with right foot shot.

Hearts successfully playing the offside game. Our final ball is poor.

Hemdani loses possession and gives Hearts an opening, but nothing comes of it.

Hearts taking over the game for a short period.Rangers coming on again and Sionko misses a good chance from three yards out.

Hemdani loses possession again. Novo going through a poor spell. Boyd kept well in check by two Hearts CHs. Lots of pushing going on. Scrappy.

Our midfield is poor. Barry is the only one that is effective . Adams in and out of the game and Sionko easily brushed off the ball.

Murray clears twice from Hearts corners.

Scrappy game. Bad pitch. Poor final balls and lots of offsides against Rangers.

Ehiougo settling down now. Weir steady. Hutton playing well. Murray a little off at times.

2nd Half

Ehiougo gives away another free kick, but Aguilar whips it over.

Novo in good position but slow to react and chance gone , but corner kick. wasted.

Sionko brushed off the ball and Hearts break, but waste their chance.

C Adam whips in good ball for once - three RFC players go for it but no joy. Barry cuts his lip.

Novo in good position in box overdoes it and trips over his own feet. Ball cleared.

Play again scrappy, but Rangers dominate. Final ball is so poor and forwards not in best form anyway. Offsides continue. Goal does not look likely.

Sionko again loses possession and Hearts break. Hearts have had some breakaways but our defence is firm.

Boyd substituted by Sebo.

Burke on a little later for Sionko.

Barry scores but is OFFSIDE!

Rangers press but do not score. Poor final passes.


MacGregor: 6.5 - Not too much to do.

Hutton: 7 - Played to a good standard and never in trouble.

Murray: 6.5 - Ok but could do a little better

Ehiougo: - 6.5 - Settled down after a nervous start.

Weir 7 - Very steady

Sionko - 5.5 - Not good enough

Ferguson - 7.5 MOTM - Always trying only creative player

Hemdani - 6 Struggled at times and lost possession once or twice at a bad time.

Adam - 6.5 - In and out of the game. Poor at times with wasted balls

Novo - tries hard but was not at his best - 6

Boyd - see Novo - 6

Sebo - Tried hard but? 5

Burke - Can be much better - 5


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