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Summer Signings - What Do We Need?


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So with the window now just closed what do you all think that Walter and Co need to focus on replacing or bringing in?

So far I know that Walter spoke about how much he likes Lee Mc, S Brown and S. McDonald.

I know that most likely we will lose GRae, Nidaye, (Stanger, Ponroy I HOPE), Klos and maybe Prso and Weir (I hope not)

But as for specific positions what should we be focusing on?

I would say that we should look at:

2 Strikers (If Prso goes)- (I guess thats Lee M and S.McDonald)

2 Mids- Well Gow and hopefully Brown

1 CB (If Weir leaves and we sign Webster permanently)

1 RB (I dont get to see many games, but most people on here say that Hutton is shite)

1 GK- So do we give the reigns to McGregor and look for a back up keeper or should Smith be looking possible at another number one?

I like were Smith and Co. are going, but this summer is gonna be crucial especially if we can secure the champs league spot. That could attract a couple of players too.

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