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Wow, didn't know you could get Vicente so cheap! Anyway, can I ask who you played up front during your first season?

In my game, I had to get Obinna on loan from Inter and partnered him with Velicka/Boyd for the first half of the season, then with Jo past January.

i regularly swapped Miller/Boyd/Lafferty, between them they scored 50 in all competitions

i had to rely on loads of goals from midfield, Vicente and Novo on the wings scored a barrel load

i think Lafferty is a bit hit and miss, hes fantastic for some folk and terrible for others

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teams changed a wee bit since i 1st posted

signed Adriano for 6 mill, Podolski for free, Diego Buonanotte for 10 mill, D'Allesandro for 4 mill, plus loads of wee Israli youngters

sold a few to make the money as well

Lafferty to Sunderland for 4, Rat for 6, Delph for 5, Barton for 4 and Aquafresca for 3

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