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Have a laugh at Craig Burley

Guest Andypendek

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Guest orangpendek

Here's the pick of craig burley, the man who enjoyed a few moderate seasons at parkhead, while failing at chelsea, derby and (god help us) scotland. he now pens an entirely objective and IN NO WAY biased, lazy or cliched column in the sunday times. he's been described as a 'breath of fresh air' by setanta, which i think means, ' aw naw burley's on, turn the TV off and we'll get a breath of fresh air.'

let's choose a few sentences at random from sunday:

there is a yawning gap between celtic and rangers.' don't think so, bucko. unless you mean the one between how good we were and how bad your lot were.

'i don't believe murray has made a final decision on the support le guen gets when the window opens.he cannot yet be convinced that he has the right man.' this despite the fact it was muray who appointed him, presumably on the grounds that he was the best man, that murray has always stood by his managers, and that murray has never failed to back financially any of his bosses to the highest degree possible.

'defeat by celtic...coud convince murray to keep his hands in his pockets.' yes, coz carrying on with the same underachieveing players would be a great idea. it's clear to see why craig has never ventured into management.

'this rangers team cannot match celltic over 38 games, not this season not next.' i would suggest the hibs and celtic games would suggest otherwise.

'strachan's bench has regularly included players of the quality of maloney, balde, jarosik, pearson and zurawskij.' leave maloney out and i wouldn't take one single player out that lot for the reserves. and anyway, balde, 'quality'!!! you'd think the editor would have pointed out such a glaring howler but he was probably rendered imbecilic by the rest of this drivel.

'if those (midfield) duels are won by celtic, they will dominate as celtic are better than rangers going forward.' ah, the unmistakable aroma of bullshit!

'the delivery from wide by midfielders and full backs, coupled with the movement of miller and zurawskij (!) around central defenders who cannot defend crossballs will lead to a celtic victory.' the first two didn't happen at all, and to suggest magic has good movement is like saying my granny can pole dance on her zimmer.

here's the best bit, his big dramatic ending:

'if they do not control the midfield and stop the celtic full backs swooping forward, rangers are not good enough at defending to soak up the pressure that they will inevitably fall under - and celtic will win. if that happens, this could prove to be a long, cold winter for tangers and le guen.' sorry to spoil your winter then !

no-one is pyschic, and it's easy to mock with hindsight. but i would sugest that anyone could have mocked these points over their cornflakes.

ps: here's a little gem from his tactis box i forgot to mention. again, he's on about his beloved celtic full backs (btw, naylor for england - oh how i laughed!!!! i know they're struggling but no-one's that desperate) getting forward.

'Alan Hutton will have trouble enough containing McGeady (hahaha) and, on the other flank, if sionko lets Naylor run over him Steveie Smith behind him won't stand a chance.' he doesn't get it, playing OK against the level of teams in scotland doesn't actually make you brilliant, it makes you ok and nothing more. where superman naylor has been asked to do some proper defending, eg champions league, he's been found out.

i feel better now, having got that off my chest

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:lol: ah readin that made me laugh there :lol: aswell as that guys version on scotsport aswell :lol: a think the press and al these other guys were at different old firm game that we were all at but the fact is although the league is over they know we should have won that game none this nonsense from the guy on scotsport last nite sayin shows how much it means to us drawin 1-1 with them when that goal went in we mental because it was sheer relief cause it was the most 1sided old firm game i have been to and we all thought we were gonna lose it and if it wasnt for Boruc we would of won at least 4-1 and if ferguson scored would been a different game
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Did you know all his family were gers fans... <yes>

That includes his good bluenose uncle George who should have been offered the Ibrox job along with Billy Boy Davies but maybe they are too much of a bluenose for the sly one partay

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Guest The Brown Brogue

To be fair to him, he was only saying in his column what plenty others thought, including many on this board.

He's probably the only ex-Celtic player who is a creditable pundit, and given the context of the season so far many of his comments were not far off the mark.

Obviously in hindsight though I'm sure he'd admit he was wrong on this occasion.

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I I watch most of the games on my PC as I live in Canada.The commentary is never any good and never will be until the club start to hire there Owen people for this job.I have found that Craig Burley has always been against Rangers and always likes the team that they are playing against no matter who they are, a def asshole <crweee> <crweee> <crweee>

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Did you know all his family were gers fans...  <yes>

That includes his good bluenose uncle George who should have been offered the Ibrox job along with Billy Boy Davies but maybe they are too much of a bluenose for the sly one partay

How many threads are you going to try and turn into a rant about David Murray. doh It's staring to get beyond the joke mate.

Anyway reading those comments along with the guy on Scotsports makes me realise just how bad our pundits are. Where do they find them? If people in England who regularly get to see guys like Andy Gray and Jamie Redknapp seen this it would just turn our game into even more of a laughing stock.

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