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Murrays legacy at risk over sales warns fans’ chief


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RANGERS Supporters Trust spokesman David Edgar has warned Ibrox chairman Sir David Murray that he risks tarnishing his 20-year legacy.

The news that Kris Boyd is heading for Birmingham City in a £3.75million deal has left the Light Blues support seething.

And Edgar has called foranswers and assurances that this is not the first part of what might amount to a fire sale to giftwrap a fourth SPL title on the bounce to Celtic.

Edgar said: "If this is the situation we now find ourselves in then you would have to say that it risks becoming the legacy of the 20 years of David Murray's period in charge.

advertisement"History will look back on his tenure and remember only how it ends - not what went before and the glory of what happened 10 years ago.

"If Sir David Murray's last act is to dismantle the playing squad in the middle of the closest title race in years then that would be a completely unacceptable situation. We as a support must have the answers immediately."

Edgar added: "My phone has been red hot with our concerned fans wanting answers and the only people who can give us these answers are Sir David Murray and Martin Bain, the chief executive.

"We had 5,000 fans spending money they don't have to be up at Inverness for a 12.30pm kick-off on Sunday and back our side to the hilt at £30 a head. That shows you what Rangers means to us.

"For us, the support, Rangers are more than a business or just a football club, they are our way of life. As such we deserve answers - and now."

Edgar believes that speculation over a possible move for Portuguese playmaker and fans' favourite Pedro Mendes would light the blue touch paper of revolt if true.

Edgar said: "We have all heard the rumours over Mendes moving and that has really got to the support given his contribution this term.

"What has happened after all these years of full houses, record season ticket sales and our best run in Europe for 36 years that we now appear forced to sell our top scorer Kris Boyd at the height of the title race for little more than a reasonable offer?"

He went on: "Again, we have to be sure but if we have been led into a black hole, it will crush the support who have been 100% behind the club and those that run it for so long.

"But it would now appear that we need to balance the books to the detriment of what happens on the field of play and that cannot be allowed to be the case."

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He's a good lad but I wish the media wouldn't describe him as 'fans’ chief' or 'fans' spokesman'.

I know mate i think the mhedia do it deliberatley now but ive changed it (tu)

Cant help but agreeing with Edgar though.

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He's a good lad but I wish the media wouldn't describe him as 'fans’ chief' or 'fans' spokesman'.

And he goes on about Murray's legacy and 10 years ago EXACTLY 10 Feckin years ago ffs , he dont speak for me

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I'm always the first to give credit where credit is due.

9IAR is long gone and will be forgotten quickly if Celtic match it or our club go any further backwards.

True (tu) if Celtic keep winning SPL's, 9IAR will seem like 50 years ago :anguish:

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