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If a few players leave


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I'll be honest here.

I don't want Boyd to go but it looks as if he is. I can take Ferguson leaving, though,our mid performed arguably better without him when he was injured. Remember Thomson will be OK by the end of this season. I do not want Bougherra to leave- I think we should pull out the stops to keep him- but I may notget my wish. Berra is not as good but would be an OK replacement. Papac should join him in central defence, thats his best position.

If we get a decent offer for McGregor (£6m+) I think we should take that as its good money and Alexander seems like an able replacement to me.

Aaron should be given the wide left berth and I honestly think Lafferty would come good playing in his favoured position up front.

Additonally I'd like to pair him with Novo as the wee Galician is a much more potent threat than Miller. Still, Miller would be good as an impact player coming off the bench.

So here's my team, if worst comes to worst, and Boyd, McGregor, Ferguson & Bougherra go now, or in the summer.

Alexander; Whittaker, Papac Berra and Broadfoot; Aaron, Davis, Thomson & Mendes; Lafferty & Novo

I think you'll all agree that's a cracking midfield, although I know my front two may be up for a bit of a discussion.

And obviously central defence would be a brand new partnership but lets be realistic its not a bad proposed partnership in the climate we find ourselves in.

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Whittaker - shite

Papac - shite

Berra - shite

Broadfoot - shite

Thomson - injured

Lafferty - possibly injured

I know Thomson is injured, my team as I pointed out is for when he is fit. I know thats a bit away yet but he will be fit again!

Four players you state as shite, but do you have any suggestions on how to rectify that? Sell them and bring others in?


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