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Boyd & Ferguson.


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It sems like it was only a few months ago that people on this very forum were openly critcising Boyd for being , lazy, over weight, slow , not training, not trying in training(according to one of his team mates), not listening to his coaches on what he should be doing to be a better striker, in general just not improving his game. Also his level of professionalism, ie diet, drinking etc etc. Yes he can score goals and his record speaks for itself, but he seems destined to never quiet be as great as he could be or as good as Rangers need him to be. He cant be played in the European games because he just isnt good enough at that level he wont run the channels and the centre backs keep him quiet . The other major test came on Dec 27th and he failed to score when clean through on the keeper. This failure to score can only be blamed on Boyd himself. McDonald got one chance and scored. The same cannot be said of Boyd. It will cost Rangers the league but thats only if you believe we were going to win it anyway. He is a good Scottish league player but Ally McCoist he is not. He will be sitting on the sidelines next to Gary O`Conner at Birmingham.

Ferguson going is a major surprise as he is Walters boy. It would seem he can do no wrong in Walters eyes and was for me a certain starter in every game once fit under Walters management. I think that the whole attitude in the dressing room and the balance of power in the dressing room will shift if Barry goes. We can manage well without him and if Thomson was fit i would not forsee a problem in grabbing the 3million for him as its great money for someone his age and who will probably now struggle with injury throughout his remaining career. I do think that we will be light in experience in the middle of the park without a dominant force to winn the ball and link up with Pedro.

The stark reallity is that the powers that be may well have already conceded the title and think that if we move these players on and bank the money, then only come second in the league we are still in a champions league qualifier. the fact that we will have to play an extra qualifier just means one more matchday moneymaker.

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