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Transfer - lets not panic


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Hi Guys..

theres always gona be specualtion and theres always going to be players we favour and others we dont, leave this club. one thing we are forgetting is the no player is bigger than the club! Walter Smith is not a stupid man, nor would he tolerate seeing his team being taken apart without any input into the whole process. Do you remember when he was at Everton and the chairman sold players from under him, he publicly outed him and then he threw in th towel. Big Walt is a proud man and a superb coach. He took us to championships and we also achieved a lot of Euro successes.

Barry Ferguson is a great Rangers player, but it wasnt so long ago he was the one wanting away and headed to Blackburn. I remember when big Jorge was getting sold, i was outraged, but it didnt have me calling for anyones head. I understand all of the upset, but its the demand for success and to beat celtic, but at the same time we dont want to end up with a biscuit tin situation, now do we??????

I want rangers to win as badly as anyone to see Celtic halted, but i dont think they have been successful due to how good they are, I just think its the fact that Rangers have had a bad choice in manager, LeGeun and the successful run in the UEFA Cup. Walter Smith came in and had to undo alot of the damage and he and McCoist and the rest of the coaching team have brought alot of pride back to the Teddy Bears, who would have forecast our success last season, christ, we were up for 4 titles..

I think Ferguson is someone who rangers could live without, i can see a younger team being moulded and build for the years ahead. Look if we were deaparate, we coulda went out and brought back levekrands and Johansson, but we didnt. Theres a definte plan in place and as long as Lee Wilkie doesnt end up at Ibrox, I'll be happy, of course i would gladly see him playing at the heart of the Celtic defence, in fact i'd be will to chip in a couple of bucks to help them buy him..:)

But the bottom line here is, we are all supporters of the greatest club in the world, we are going through transition, more players will leave and some will come in. Walter has the habit of getting the best and more from his players. Rangers are a proud club, lets not sell ourselves short...isnt that for other clubs to do?...I like big boydy, wee nacho, Burkey wasnt the same player from week to week. we need players that are going to gel and give a consistent performance...

Plans are afoot for big development at Ibrox, but as loyal Rangers fan, I dont see us having a stadium that is second to none without a team to put on it...so there must be something going on with regards to finances...i think in the short term..things might not seem as bright, but i believe theres something in the offing guys...something that will put us firmly where we belong at the top....I have a dream!!!


P.S. I run a private soccer academy here in Moncton NB in Canada and all the clubs and associations around here are interested is money, they dont care about the kids or development. The kids that come through my academy, one thing they learn is to have a passion for the game, the shared love and of course, to have the heart...the lion is a very important part of our crest, that is the kind of courage and determination they need...no money in the world can give or buy u that...just the belief and determination....and for me, that has always been the Rangers way, even when times are hard!!

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walter did steady the ship you are right, but this man is taken this club no further and i for one am fed up of his stubborn attitude. You need to stop looking back to nine in a row and realise we are on the verge of conceding four titles on the trot.

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scotty mate smith has had hee haw euro success

one half decent run in champions league and one fluked run to uefa final doesnt mean success, he only had about 8 shots at winnin the damn thing

Well dont all Managers and Teams have to have luck on way to European glory. Walter done a great job and played to our strengths with the resources we had.

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