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  1. I couldn't agree more with you. Scotland has declined very significantly under the snp simply because of their one agenda anti UK separatist purpose. The time has come to get rid very soon indeed if not by the ballot box then by Westminster taking the bull by the horns in protecting the UK and Union from such very dangerous cults.
  2. Sending in the bulldozers for the sake of the both the UK and Scotland would certainly be high up on my agenda if I was Boris and Gove. Definitely 100%.
  3. Exactly. Scotland is world renowned for common sense enlightenment, however, its being dragged into widespread division and driven toward the brink of potential civil unrest and anarchy by the snp and their comrade greens both of which are anti UK cults. Westminster must surely be close to reigning in devolution that was supposedly brought about to achieve harmony. Holyrood is not working for the vast majority and must be nearing its end sooner rather than later.
  4. Its no coincidence that as the political landscape has changed here in Scotland due to the blair creature ensuring the snp had a power base which to work from that the fenians have been afforded far greater scope and leniency. Thankfully the tories have five years in which to reign in these bastards and they will. Gove in particular is a master in such arts and will set about these fuckers big time cutting the legs out from under, watch this space.
  5. There wasn't a failure in the team yesterday it was purely down to personal choice. I loved Ryan Kent's energy and skill particularly in the first half hour that set the tone for the overall display. It was a whole team effort that earned the result which was thoroughly deserved. Well done to Stevie G and the backroom staff also.
  6. Excellent. Ryan Kent was easily my motm. He's top class quality, however, it was a whole team effort that earned the win with few if any failures.
  7. McGregor is world class and its moments like the penalty save today that prove it. I was thinking as Christie lined up to take it that Shagger would have to pull off something special to keep it out and that is exactly what he did. A magnificent stop from a magnificent goalkeeper.
  8. One cool Kat. A giant of a man who steamed into the Celts penalty area and done them up like the proverbial kipper. Superb.
  9. Yesterdays man. Gone are the days I'd read what he had to say. A nonentity trying to be relevant.
  10. I was fucking delighted to see Rangers beat the tims today. Thoroughly deserved. Mon 55. That is all.
  11. Doesn't surprise anyone. The web of fenianism continues to out itself while we the people confront it against the cunts. Blairism is dead lets keep it dead. Blair was a rhabid fenian.
  12. Maldini's a cunt. Big Richard Gough was twice the player.
  13. Looking forward to this weekend's upcoming big matches. Hope England and New Zealand win through tomorrow with Wales and South Africa following suit on Sunday. Should be some terrific battles in store.
  14. I think it'll be a hard fought game but one that we'll win quite cosily in the end up. 3-0 or 3-1 is my guess. Come on Rangers
  15. Exactly the performance and result needed after the scum dropped their load earlier today. Got to keep kicking forward from here on in.
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