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    See porto are losing 3-0 at home to leverkusen. Don't mean to put a dampener on the mood but this only confirms my thought that Portuguese football is rubbish and we have beaten two poor sides?
  2. If we avoid sevilla, inter, roma, wolves, getafe and man utd then we have a chance no doubt!
  3. I don't agree with the OP. The more open style in Europe suits our team definetly but ultimately having players in the final third that can produce that bit of brilliance to open teams up means we should still be beating teams like killie, Hearts, St johnstone with ease.
  4. A lot of fans are a bit carried away with some of our performances in Europe. The reality is we have been fairly fortunate with the draw both this year and last year. Rapid Vienna, Spartak Moscow, Young Boys, Feyenoord and the like are extremely average sides. We beat a Porto side from a Portuguese league that is miles behind the quality of the Premier League and La Liga. So this idea that European football suits us is not really true. We have just beaten average teams. As an earlier post a says a team of genuine quality will wipe the floor with us. Would be great to
  5. The fact that braga have beaten porto recently doesn't really concern me. However what is concerning is they topped a group with Wolves beating them at Molineux. And it's a very good wolves side! I'm going to say the result will be Rangers 1-3 Braga!
  6. I'm surprised to see us going in as favourites for this game but Portuguese football is not as strong as it used to be!
  7. Whats kent supposed to do when he's playing with players around him who don't move and give no options at all?
  8. This might get a few reactions but honestly morelos lack of movement is a major problem just now!
  9. We couldn't be in worse shape going into the Braga game. Out of form and pitch in poor condition. But sort of got a feeling that we will pull this off and get into the last 16!
  10. Nah mate pish! There hasnt been any brilliant Scottish players for ages!
  11. Thing is mate only two of the players that you list were any good. Ferguson and Miller! Boyd scored goals but in terms of ability has got to be up theyre as being one of our worst ever players.
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    I remember when Andy holliday scored that great strike against hibs in the cup final and I was thinking my god this guy is decent. There's a bit of Albert in him. But didn't really work out like that
  13. gersfc86


    Is he a new signing? Holliday
  14. All this being a winner and hurting when you lose chat is quite funny actually! A mean yeh professional footballers are disappointed when they lose but ultimately I think ability wins you games!
  15. Jack is overrated. Quite simply. Davis has a scoring return of about 10 goals in 600 league appearances in Scotland and England. It's not contradictory no. We haven't blown it because we were never going to win it.
  16. I don't think we have blown it. We have a midfield 3 which is as far I'm concerned very poor. I didn't expect us to win the title with that midfield. It needs major work in the summer. People go on about Jack but he is overrated as far I'm concerned. Davis I have never rated as a player. Arfield works hard with limited ability. Kamara can be very good but lacks consistency. So this argument that we have thrown away the title because of Gerrards formation, set up or refusal to change the system is not true.
  17. We invested 7 million on kent yes but we need to invest 7 million on another 3 players minimum if we are going to have a squad of genuine quality. So therefore the lack of quality argument does stand up!
  18. That is nonsense. We don't have the quality. It's quite simple really. If that theory was true that teams have us figured out then surely teams in England would figure out how to play against Liverpool's system aswell. 4-3-3 Salah and Mane cutting inside and full backs providing the width etc
  19. I agree. Think he will be away in the summer. I can see him going to somebody like a Leeds United if they get promotion.
  20. Thats very true. We should have more points that we do have.
  21. The answer to the opening post is no his job shouldn't be on the line. The fact of the matter is we have a squad of average players. Nothing more. We have a great keeper and a few players who could become very good players(Morelos and Kent and a few others) Gerrard has improved us certainly. We are in the last 32 of the Europa League and may win the Scottish Cup. Too many fans seem to forget the money that is required to bring in great players. Mid table teams in the English Championship regularly spend 8 to 12 million on players. So this is the reality of the level w
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