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  1. You can see how abject the bottom tier is by the way Cove Rangers came up from the Highland League and steamrollered everybody. Yet Stirling Albion’s vote counts the same as Rangers. That doesn’t sit right with me. If SA disappeared tomorrow no cunt would notice.
  2. I mean, democracy’s great, but, why the fuck do Stirling fucking Albion get a say?
  3. Kanchelskis v Ayr is what I think of.
  4. “Our fans will not find us wanting on this” certainly sounded confident, so here’s hoping.
  5. No idea, but it’s noticeable how often he defends Rangers in the press up here in the north-east. Certainly when compared with Richard Gordon who also has a column in the local rag, as bitter a cunt you will struggle to come across.
  6. Funnily enough, Willie Miller is about as pro-Rangers as you’ll get from an Aberdeen man. He grew up supporting the same team as his pal Alex McLeish 😉
  7. Pele also once said Nicky Butt was England’s best player 😛
  8. Larsson was a very good goal scorer and finisher. That’s it. He really shouldn’t be in the same conversation as Laudrup.
  9. Hope you’re right. Proof will be in the pudding.
  10. With respect, they haven’t changed anything. We’re still getting shafted exactly as we were when they were founded.
  11. It helps when you have 40 clubs happy to see them as some sort of benign powerhouse and take it up the arse year after year.
  12. I don’t mean to be rude, but in 13 years I’m not sure what Vanguard Bears have achieved, for a self-confessed group of action.
  13. Is there any other league that has to accommodate a classless and corrupt club that endorses terrorism, is obsessed with religion, and covers up child abuse?
  14. That chimp looking fenian bastard would do well to join the real world.
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