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  1. Thanks, not bad. Make a contact with two new guys who might sell me ticket :)
  2. it would be easier if you sell me one from your bunch :)
  3. Rangers shop at Ibrox so probably this one. I mean paypal.
  4. Was offered some ticket in good price but paying via paypakl in advance, Guy said that he'll leave it in collection point at Ibrox and I can pick up it from there with me Id. I don't know what to think. Is it possible ?
  5. Is it Celtic forum ? Sorry, I thought it's Rangers one.
  6. I have already booked flights and accommodation in Glasgow. Now I need to know any kind guy with one spare ticket :)
  7. Where can I post my bid ? Yep, more noble than collecting for cat's food - the animal which should feed itself.
  8. I know it's 49. I can give 100 pounds for it.
  9. Thanks, it's to much for me. I hope to find common ticket and can double the value.
  10. Hospitality starts from 135 pounds + VAT but thanks for this offer.
  11. Maybe I know ... Ticket for the information ;)