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  1. "God Save The Queen is the UK and Scottish National Anthem. It's not my opinion, it is a matter of fact.

    Or A MATTER OF FACT. If you prefer"

    Wrong. Scotland does not have an official National Anthem

    Nail on head....

    Flower of Scotland is a "de facto" national anthem, down to the nitty and gritty they don't actually have one.

    Anyway, my post count has grown a little, i'll probably be 'ousted out' in any future discussions as being 'the guy who doesn't reckon gstq' is our national anthem' or even worse as a 'tim'...

    I have nothing further to add.

  2. What a splendid attempt at irony.

    Unfortunately you fail completely, nobody has put forward the points of view you suggest.

    So while yes, you have heard all that, you are the one who is saying it, nobody else.

    I think you'll find, not just in this thread, that my point of irony is justified. You have your opinion, and i have mine, it just so happens that you have a larger backing.

    My point this whole time is that, if you think gstq is a our national anthem then fine, I DO NOT HAVE A PROBLEM.

    My problem is that some people seem to have something against those who don't abide by these 'rules' and jump on the bandwagon "coz all theyr pure mad mates sing gstq at ibrox".

    I for one don't have a problem with being British, but i am Scottish first, and i will carry on singing flower of Scotland with the rest of my fellow scots.

  3. flower of scotland is a song sung by two old geezers, you could pick a proclaimers song next but it still wont be your national anthem.


    But yeah we could argue all day about what the Scottish national anthem is, i for one will continue to sing flower of Scotland at national events. And if a proclaimers song takes its place, then i will sing that.

  4. Sorry my mistake. I think I have misjudged you. You must be about 8

    You fighting a losing battle. The irony is reaking in here. It's final, we are not allowed to support our country anymore, we must (as Rangers fans) plegde our allegiance to the queen and the monarch... and by doing so we must burn our kilts (skirts) and rid ourselves of any national pride we have. We must not sing Flower of Scotland as it offends all Anti-Scottish, Scottish people.

    Christ i've really heard it all.

  5. Sadly folk like you do not realise that it's the Rangers fans that are being persecuted by your devolved powers and devolved parliament. Unfortunately the days where you could be both a Rangers fan and staunch nationalist are in the far distance. It's either one or the other, through no fault of our own. I used to love watching braveheart, but now I see it as the propogandistic, anti-english, anti-British provocative party piece of the rangers-HATING tartan trannies it really is. I hate this country for what it has become. It's the rangers for me.

    Fair enough, But i am a Rangers fan and a Scotland fan, and agree that certain things with regards to the politics side of things are not going our way... but is that Scotlands fault, or the governments fault?

    And i'm sorry but if you hate this country, is that not anti-scottish? It is the fact that so many 'Scottish' people are anti-Scottish that makes some Scottish people Anti-English or Anti-British. I am not Anti-English, but i am very much Scottish before i am British. (excuse that tongue twister of a paragraph)

  6. welcome to the site and im glad you got all that off your chest

    one thing GSTQ IS our national anthem , yours included, and should be sung with gusto at every opportunity.

    Thank you.

    Some folk see GSTQ as our national anthem, and some see flower of Scotland as our national anthem. The only time GSTQ is Scotlands national anthem is when Scotland are competing as part of Britain in events such as Athletics/Tennis etc. Correct me if i'm wrong?

    The problem is that those who are PRO-British do not accept that some folk prefer flower of Scotland as their national anthem and prefer to see themselves as Scottish and proceed to fire ridiculous anti-scottish remarks their way.

    I for one find that embarrasing, especially from fellow Gers fans.

  7. Long time lurker, 2nd time poster...

    I use this site to keep up to date on the goings-on within Rangers but find it hard to resist posting when certain topics like this come up.

    People seems to take their time to 'slag' "tartan-trannie, skirt wearing, haggis shortbread eating..." because of the bitter hatred shown by the tartan army towards the Rangers support?

    Ok so the tartan army don't like Rangers... so what???

    Does that mean that everyone on here should slag OUR COUNTRY Scotland or those who consider themseleves Scottish and not British?

    I wore a Kilt to my best friends wedding a couple of weeks ago....does this make me a 'skirt wearing tartan-trannie'?... oh and there was a platter of shortbread and haggis on the go... SHOOT ME DOWN!!!

    It's ridiculous that people suggest GSTQ should be our national anthem becasue we are part of Britain. We are also part of Europe, fuck it why don't pledge our allegance to the European Union and have one MASSIVE anthem for the whole of Europe?

    Like it or not Scotland have a national anthem, they are a country in their own right, devolved powers and a devolved parliament, so get over it.

    If you want to be a proud Brit, fine! People can accept that... so why is it so hard for these folk to accept people see themselves as Scottish before British?

    You support Britain, 'the Union' yet are the quickest to slag Scotland ??? Bit contradictory if you ask me.

    Cue the ' GTFO TIM' posts...

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